Friday, March 23, 2007

More Fun Video

More witty video on an oh-so-productive Friday. This one is from Mad TV.

Life of a Mii

This is *so* worth watching, especially if you're a tad Wii-obsessed (as I am). It's an ontological examination of the mii.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I've been meaning to write something about the greatness of Wii since I finally managed to get one in January. But when ever I start thinking about how fun it is, I end up playing on the darn thing, and no blogging occurs.

Believe the hype. This really is the greatest thing to happen to video games since...ever. Now, I haven't been any kind of gamer for over a decade, but that's really the point. Wii is fun for everyone.

It's quite a beautiful machine, with a bit of an Applesque look to it. The remote feels perfect, down to the slight rumble when you pass the pointer over a button on screen. It's responsive and accurate. Just try a bit of bowling or tennis in Wii Sports, and you'll immediately feel what an incredible little device it is.

This week, I finished WarioWare: Smooth Moves. It is basically just a bunch of random microgames strung together by a series of bizarre vignettes, rendered in quite beautiful, cartoonish 2-D graphics. In the last microgame, I just had to hold the remote and dance. I was represented by a figure on screen, the last of four in a line, and I had to follow the others to complete a little routine. Here is how that looks.

And it was most fun I've ever had playing a video game.

Of Wii's numerous built-in features, the one most worth mentioning is miis. A mii is a cute, cartoonish avatar that you can build in the Mii Channel, and then use in Wii title games, like Wii Sports and Wii Play. Here's mine:

You can also use your mii to cast votes in the Everybody Votes Channel. Silly questions appear here, and you choose between two possible answers by placing your mii on the corresponding side of a circle. You can also predict how others will vote. When the results of the poll are announced a few days later, your mii will jump for joy if you are correct, or hang his head dejectedly if you're wrong. The whole thing is ridiculously cute and totally addictive.

Miis have become a hit online, too. You can copy miis onto a Wii remote to play with at a friends' house (you can also just send them to another Wii directly over the 'net). Because the remote is just a standard Bluetooth device, someone was able to write software for transferring miis between a remote and a PC. Now people are sharing their celebrity (and other) miis online, at sites like Someone else wrote a fantastic flash-based mii editor, which I used to create the image above.