Friday, May 26, 2006

More Painting

Since last weekend was a long weekend, I decided to use the time to try to do the painting that I hadn't managed to finish before moving into my new place. If you're an avid reader, you may recall that I had left the kitchen and entraceway unpainted (and you may want to look harder for interesting things to read on the 'net).

Anyhow, I figured that finishing up would be about a two-day job, but painting never goes as planned for me (really, what does?). It ended up taking Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday evening, Wednesday (I took the day off work), and a couple of hours Thursday...and Kevin helped me all day Sunday and Monday...and I'm still not quite done yet. Basically, I just need to fix up a few little mistakes now.

I still don't really understand how it took so long. The closets and doors took a long time; they were much more complicated to paint than the simple, sliding doors in the rest of the unit. The ceilings were a huge pain, too. I made lots of mistakes that took time to correct. I had to move appliances around, blocking off areas I needed to paint. And, I ended up having to deal with three different paints (two colours, one in two different finishes) plus primer, which meant lots of time cleaning brushes and waiting for them to dry. But still, pretty much five days in total?!

The worst part is that I haven't done anything with the bathroom (though happily I really have no plans to) and there's still the balcony door step that needs to be painted with an oil-based paint.


Karyn said...

Closets are a huge pain in the butt!! I love painting*, and all my closests are white so that whenever a painting fancy hits, I always have the option of not painting them.

* This really shouldn't come as a surprise, there are already so many odd things about me...

Dave said...

No, I suppose it doesn't really come as a surprise.

Apart from the doorways taking forever, what I really dislike about closets is that it's really hard to see if there are spots where the paint didn't take so well, and then you discover them a couple days later, and they torture you, practically begging you to go back and touch them up.*

Oh, and they take forever to de-stinkify. And I'm certainly not putting my clothes back in a stinky closet!

* My obsessive compulsiveness in this regard shouldn't come as a surprise, either.