Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jannada AM

Jann Arden was on Canada AM this morning to promote her new album. Paul is doing a stint as an intern there, and was able to invite me to be in the audience for the broadcast. It was intended to be an intimate performance, and in the end only about 20 people showed up! Metro had held a content to select audience members, but either they messed things up, or none of their winners bothered to trek out to Scarborough.

I ended up sitting right in the front row! As we were walking into the studio, I joked, "Will I be sitting in Jann's lap? Or will she be in mine?"

The mini-concert included just two songs, but it was fantastic! I was literally 6 feet away from Jann the whole time.

Jann kept saying how incredible it was that we had shown up so early to see her. During one of the breaks, she was chatting with Seamus and Marci, the hosts, and somehow, they started talking about me. I guess it was hard to miss me, sitting there in the front with a characteristically huge grin on my face. One of the hosts had pointed me out, and Jann said I had a nice smile!

Marci asked if I was a fan, and I replied, ironically, "a l'il bit." Someone said something about how she has such huge fans, and I said, "it's funny today because you don't have the stage to protect you from us."

I guess Jann was amused. She assuredly said, "nooo...", ran over, and sat in my lap! Of course, I was totally cool about it all. I believe my insightful words were, "ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod." I'm really good with celebrities.

Anyhow, Jann asked what my name was. I was actually able to remember, which was good. She thanked me for coming, and I thanked her...for sitting on me, I guess.

After the show was over, I had the chance to get this picture with Jann. My flash was off, since obviously we had been asked not to take flash photography during the show. So, unfortunately, it's a little grainy. Still, it's a fantastic memento of the day!


chris said...

holy crap! You're (next to) a star! But what do your bebes think about all this?

Dave said...

They've already had to adjust to quite a lot over the last few years. I'm sure they'll be fine.

That said, if they want to sit on my lap at any time, they're more than welcome to it!

Erik said...

CTV seems to be reusing some clips of Jann on CanadaAM... so I've seen you in the distance as Ben Mulroney / Tanya Kim talk about Jann!

Dave said...

It's all part of my plan for total media domination.

Too fun.