Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Deal with the Devil for an MD Lie, Oh!

This just makes me laugh. I call it "ESL Idol."

Here's my best attempt at transcribing the lyrics:
I figure without
I was haba-long and ebrie-thin between
I was Ricky-wide
Baby to know what a mean
Till there was you
Yeah you

Something was wrong
Made a deal with the devil for an MD lie, oh
Been to heel and bah, burra angel was looking through
It was a you
Yeah you

It's all because a you

You are the reason
You are the reason
I wake up every day
Sleep to the night
You are the reason
The reason

In the middle of the night
I'm golden eye 'cause I won you
I want to torch you
I want to floor you
You are the reason baby


Stuart said...

Tee-hee... I remember back when I was Ricky Wide. Oh, the memories ;-)

Dave said...

Me too, but now I'm ebrie-thin. Are you haba-long?

Stephen Hassard said...

Hey Dave, I think it's "I made a deal with the devil and I won." .. Nice interpretation though!

Dave said...

Oh, that made my day!

The actual lyric is "I made a deal with the devil for an empty IOU," though your guess was as good as any.

What I like most is how she just kind of gives up on the line, not even bothering to try the last syllable.