Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lego Memories from Gizmodo

This week, gadget blog Gizmodo took a trip to Lego in Billund, Denmark. The most amazing post to come out of it was about a trip through the vault containing almost every Lego set ever manufactured. They included a video of their journey, from which I took the following two screen captures.

The first Lego set I ever owned:

The last Lego set I ever owned:

From the 4,720 set in the vault, they pulled out 10 boxes and showed them to the camera like this. It's hard to believe that my two most memorable Lego sets were included. The rush of memories is just incredible. Thinking about those simpler days is the perfect antidote for all the complexities in life right now.


Chris said...

Simpler days? Those sets look pretty complicated to me.

Anonymous said...

I had that moon base too.

In my opinion it was much better back then.

Now the sets contain way too many specialized pieces, that can only be used for that specific model and pretty much nothing else.

The older sets used pretty much regular pieces, that you could use to build much more things, with only your imagination setting the limits.

Only thing I wish has been there when I was a kid, is the mindstorm.