Friday, October 28, 2005

Link Check

I added that nice little link to Rick Mercer's Blog a couple of months ago, and I just want to be sure you're using it. He stopped updating about that time, so you might have given up on checking it but, honestly, that's what an RSS reader is for!

He's back and he's in fine form. Just a teaser, in case you're not convinced:

Once you get past all the fun with photoshop, you'll find an uplifting summary of his recent trip to Afghanistan, which is well worth reading.


Anonymous said...

i ♥ rss

And you, of course. My T-shirt rawks! I have received many compliments. I know I said I'd call you, and I was waiting for the weekend, but then we threw a party and I lost Sunday to a dire hangover. I might have called anyway, but all I was capable of saying was "I want to die. There is a stabbing pain behind my left eye. Why can I not just die?!"


Dave said...

So glad you're enjoying your T-shirt!

Good to hear you're still having fun on Saturdays (if not Sundays!). Did you eat toast?