Thursday, March 30, 2006

New Toy!

After having talked about it for several months, I bought a bike today! Kevin did much research for me, and answered many of my dumb questions, and I think we got a pretty fantastic deal on a pretty fantastic bike.

For now, it's sitting in my den, but taking it up in the elevator was a violation of my condo's rules. I need to get a clamp in my parking spot to hang it from. And I still need a lock, locking skewers, and gloves, at a minimum. But, I'm very excited. I can't wait to take it out for a ride!

In not so happy news, I was just about to take some pictures of it, and I dropped my camera. The lens won't retract, and it won't turn on.

So, to recap Dave's toy situation: +1 bike, -1 camera. Net score: a wash, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Are all those bike-related items a sneaky b-day wishlist? Because last I checked locks are made of metal and sort of heavy, and not really all that flat. ;)

Since you got me thinking about the many birthdays that April brings, I scooted over to ThinkGeek to see what new offerings are up since I last checked (um, a long time ago). I'm rather fond of the No Comment shirt, which is wonderfully paradoxical. On the other hand, NSFW and OMFG capture the full-of-stupid-abbreviations nature of these bloggish times. *ponders*

I think I've got part of father's day covered now, though, with the PowerSquid. But how much do I wish I lived in the US so that I could confidently purchase an LED for my faucet? A whole lot. *sigh*

Um, right, sorry for the merchandise spam. ThinkGeek makes me think of you.


Dave said...

No, most definitely not a wishlist -- I bought them last Saturday!

I needed to get the bike out of my condo, since the rules prohibit taking them on the elevators and in the hallways. So, I urgently needed the lock and skewers to store it in the garage. I got the gloves at the same time, and took the bike out for its first ride on Sunday.

The T-shirt designs are quite fun. Yay for Can-con on the OMFG shirt. Dunno if you've heard of the Object Management Group (OMG), but I've often thought that they're shy a letter. Something like Object Management Frameworks Group would be so much more appropriate.

OMFG! I *hate* ThinkGeek's T-shirt sizes. Hanes Beefy-T's are a crime against good taste, and should be outlawed.