Friday, August 19, 2005

Generous Linkage

I've added some more links to my blog, for your surfing pleasure. Well, maybe that's not quite true: I think they just might be for me, too. At some point, I think I had the brilliant idea that if I had links to the sites I frequent most often, I'd be more inclined to make my blog my home page. Then, maybe I could do away with bookmarks altogether. And, in the process, I learned a little something new about CSS.

Anyhoo, you'll find a few more of my links, some of my friends' blogs, a couple of famous Canadians' blogs, and some different news sites I read.

Most of the links are quite self-explanatory. Swingin'OUT is a queer swing dance club that I belong to, and I maintain their modest site. Groklaw is a legal news/research site covering The SCO Group's spectacular death by legislation. I was severely addicted to Groklaw for a couple of years, but I'm much improved these days. Just yesterday, I was able to glance at a new transcript of a deposition and not read the whole thing! No, I'm not actually suggesting that you should read Groklaw, just admitting that I do.

Well, obviously I'll add new links when new sites strike my fancy. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Psssst! You spelled someone's name wrong in your links ;)

Dave said...

By god, I did! That'll teach me to do updates when I'm falling asleep.

Apologies Erik. I love and respect your "k". It's so much cooler than a boring old "c".

(Uh oh, I hope Eric isn't reading this; he might be offended.)

Anonymous said...

Dave, I am reading all your posts and I want to comment on so many. But that would be annoying (maybe not for you to read, but definitely for me to do -- so lazy), so I shall simply say, have you thought about for all your bookmarking needs? Because I bet with Blogger you could feed all your latest links into your sidebar for the ultimate in social bookmarking glory. Umm, if you're into that kind of thing. Since you're trying to get *rid* of bookmarks, perhaps this would be a step in the wrong direction. Wow, look at me be so unhelpful.

Also, totally OT but Jacob was the only reason I ever watched Canadian Idol. That jumpsuit! *licks*