Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Wednesday must be my least favourite day of the week. It's burried right in the middle, so terribly far away from any weekendage. I typically work from home two or three days a week, but Wednesday is one of the days that I always have to go in to the lab (as in "software lab" -- it's what we call the office). Since I don't drive, that means about 90 minutes each way on transit. In all, Wednesday is usually the longest, dreariest day of the week.

But today is not an ordinary Wednesday. I got to meet Richard for coffee, since he was visiting the lab for an event this morning, and he told me all about his Canadian Idol experience last night. Apparently, from the third row, he could tell, without doubt, that Zack was on Coke and that Daryl and Josh are gay. Didn't they follow Josh's story early in the competition, when he auditioned (and got through) with his girlfriend? Oh well, Richie hasn't ever watched the show before; he didn't even know who Sass is! Anyhow, we'll both be happy if Suzie wins, and we decided that the only cute guy in the top 32 this year was Stephane. And let's face facts, he's no Jacob.

Later, I got to meet up with Leah for coffee. I shan't say too much about our conversation, but I was happy just to escape my desk.

Today was a totally non-productive day, where all I did was help other people solve their problems. The funny thing is, that kind of work feels great and can be quite fun to do, but since it's not supposed to be my primary purpose, it seems like a wasted day in retrospect. At least it went by quickly enough; I just wish there weren't so many pending tasks left over at the end of it that will be facing me tommorrow.

But here's what made this particular Wednesday quite remarkable. On the way home, I picked up this week's issue of fab (Toronto's gay scene magazine), and opened it to "flash" with some trepidation. You see, Kevin and I went to Woody's after swing last Thursday, where we got more than a little drunk. At some point, a guy with a camera stopped us, told us he was taking pictures for fab, and asked if he could take ours. Having been disappointed before when we were photographed but not published, we were determined to make it this time. We took a couple of pictures touching tongues, which weren't published, though I'm sure they were plenty hot. We also took what we called our "before shot" (that's another story that I won't get into now), with our shirts up, showing off our nipples. And that's the picture I found today. The caption is "Kevin & Dave: nips & untucked @ Woody's." Clever, huh? It seems I can be quite the silly little twink.

So, yes, this truly is a unique kind of Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

OMG - I need to pick up a copy ASAP. But here it is 3:30 am, and I just got home. And it's only Wednesday night! Oh, this is sure to be a looooong weekend!


Anonymous said...

Did you SEE THIS??


Dave said...

Wow, those twinks are young, dumb...