Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Saturday in New York

I've really been meaning to capture my New York experience. Today's started out pretty slow, so it's the perfect opportunity! Right now, I'm sitting in a Starbucks in Jersey City, right across from Mike and Lis's place, nursing my tazo chai and blueberry muffin. When I'm done here, I'll take Lucy for a little walk and pee, and then head back across the water to Manhattan.

I'm planning to write one entry per day here, so let's get started with Saturday. After finally escaping from the Newark airport, I took the Path into the city, and met Karyn at a little organic/fair trade coffee shop in Greenwich Village called Jack's. It was a very funky place and *very* New York.

Then, we did some shopping on Broadway. We were planning to go out in the evening, and I was really poorly dressed, and pretty stinky at that point. I got some cute jeans at OMG, and Karyn found a very fun T-shirt for me at American Eagle:

And, of course, I had to get a couple pairs of underwear, so we hit H&M. Apparently, Air Canada will compensate me up to $100 US. I'm not sure that'll cover it, especially including all the roaming minutes spent on hold on their baggage line. So, we'll probably have to have some "discussions" when I get home. We'll see how that goes. Karyn said she was quite impressed with the way I'd handled things so far. I credit her for teaching me well -- after all, she is the queen!

For dinner, we decided to experience some of New York's famous pizza, so we went to Lombardo's, which claims to have the best in the city. It was a bit of a disappoinment actually: fairly unremarkable, with limited topping options. I'd say it's worse than Mamma's Pizza, and certainly not even close to Terroni. I guess it's a matter of preference: I'll take a thin-crust Italian pizza over a greasy, deep dish from New York anyday. On the other hand, the sangria was fantastic, though the pitcher was a lot bigger than it seemed.

In the evening, we went dancing at Heaven. The cover, $15, seemed pretty steep, considering that it was pretty much empty when we arrived at 11:30. Turns out it was Gay College Party night, so I think it might have been cheaper if we weren't presumed pedophiles. The music was good, but strangely, they had TV screens playing videos for other songs. More than once, I found myself wishing they were playing the song from the video, instead. It was a really small space for dancing downstairs, and very empty upstairs. I was pretty exhausted on Saturday, having woken at 4:45 and spent hours standing in various lineups, so I wasn't really that into it. I was happy to dance for a few hours, and Karyn was a great sport, too. I can't decide: maybe she would have been more entertained if I'd been a little wilder. I fear that I might have focused on the boys a bit too much, had that been the case. Anyhow, thanks Karyn, for being my date at my first gay club in New York!

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