Thursday, August 25, 2005

Quiet Wednesday

As predicted, today was a quiet one. I spent all day blogging and doing e-mail, so I didn't really get out until the evening, and even then, I never went across into the city. Sad? Perhaps, but I'm glad to have recorded everything I've done so far.

This evening, there was a little neighbourhood party just outside: all the restuarants in the area had tables where they were selling food cheap. Lis and I went, then we took Lucy to the dog park. After that, we just had a quiet evening, chatting and looking at photos. It was great to do, since we really haven't had the chance to talk lately...and, by lately, I think I mean ever.

I was supposed to go to bed early, so I could get up early tommorrow and hit the Empire State Building before TKTS opens at 11. Well, so much for the former part; I'm still hoping for the latter.

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