Friday, August 26, 2005

Spiritual Thursday

I managed to get to the Empire State Building and get a theatre ticket, though not, as I'd foolishly hoped, in that order.

Before lining up at TKTS, I wandered around the financial district (neck craned the whole time) and explored the South Street Seaport. I was in line by around 10:15, near the front, so I could get my ticket five minutes after it opened at 11. There was an Abercrombie & Fitch in the same building. I've never been to one, so I felt compelled to check it out, in spite of the fact that I think it's a pretty evil company.

Evil but effective, I found out. They've got dance music pumping, and everyone working there is very attractive and flirty. I almost bought a pair of jeans that I definitely don't need for $90 US, mainly because, after the very cute salesguy asked what size I take and I replied 30, he said that he wears the same size and was sure they'd look great on me. Fortunately, sanity returned in the dressing room. I did buy two T-shirts, though. I think they actually spray them with cologne, so that you feel sexier when you're trying them on. Very sneaky.

After escaping from there, I headed up to midtown, for the Empire State. Fortunately, the line was fairly short, so I had lots of time to enjoy the view and take pictures. It's really spectacular and awe inspiring. New York is just so impressively huge, so ambitious, that it's amazing that it all works. I think the same thing every time I get on the subway. Incidentally, I've become much better at finding my way around the city.

After coming home to take Lucy for a walk, I met up with Lis and some colleagues for drinks; they were marking her last week, as she's moving to a new role in a another office on Monday.

Then, I headed back to Manhattan for my play. I saw an off-broadway show tonight, called Altar Boyz. Basically, it's a concert by a fictional Christian boyband. Of course, they go into back stories, secrets and insecurities, and all that good stuff. They used the boyband member stereotypes (the sexy leader; the cute, barely closeted one; the bad boy; the latin lover; and the...Jew?), but made them all disturbingly evangelical. And the hilarity ensues. I'll admit it: I did buy the soundtrack.

One thing that's impossible to miss is how good these people are at what they do. I think your typical broadway actor could sing and dance circles around the Justins and Nicks, the Britneys and Christinas of this world. That said, I hope they never take away my manufactured pop goodness -- it's just too fun.

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