Thursday, August 18, 2005

If I Can Make It There...

On Friday, I'm heading to New York City for almost two weeks!

It's really one of those brilliant, everything-comes-together-perfectly situations. I'm presenting at EclipseWorld, which runs August 29-31. Karyn, who spent the summer in the city, is leaving next Tuesday. So, by going this Friday, I'll get to hang out with Karyn for a few days and spend the rest of the week exploring the city and, where possible for them, spending time with Mike and Lis. They're very kindly putting me up at their place in Jersey City. All they ask in return is a few of their favourite Canadian goodies: Coffee Crisp, Smarties, and maple syrup. How great is it to have family there?

Then, I'll head into the city for the conference. Although it's technically work, I'm really looking forward to this conference, too. The last one I attended, EclipseCon, was such a positive experience: very reaffirming in terms of the importance of our work, and very motivational, too. This time, I've signed up for more classes and tutrorials, so I'll get to learn even more about other Eclipse projects. Now, I just have to get through my nerves when I present..

I fly back on Thursday, September 1. The next day is the Friday before Labour Day, so it's a floater day at work (i.e. a day off). So, the upshot of this is that I won't set foot in the lab again until after Labour Day!

My question, though, is this: what should I do in New York? If you've been before, please let me know what I absolutely shouldn't be missing. In particular, on Saturday night, Karyn and I are going to go out dancing. She's not at all a big clubber, and certainly not a gay clubber, so I need some good advice.

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