Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Since today's marathon blogging effort is going so well, I figure I'll finish up by writing about yesterday. Then, I'll be all caught up. I might find that there's nothing about today worth writing, though, since it doesn't seem I'm likely to get out of here before 4:30.

We started Tuesday by walking through Washington Square. There was no art show on this New York afternoon, but there are two separate dog run areas, with a special, exclusive one for small dogs. Apparently, small dogs are superior in New York, presumably because it's easier to pick them up and carry them under your arm. That particular manoeuver seems to be quite important in this city.

Then, we went to Magnolia Bakery, as Stu had recommended, for cupcakes. Yum! I must admit that near the end, my teeth were starting to hurt from the sugar in all that icing. Fear not, I soldiered on. I also bought two little cookies for later, but they were starting to melt in my pocket, so we put them in Karyn's purse. Since Karyn was flying out to London yesterday evening, she told me to remember to get them back before she took off for the airport. So, of course, I forgot. I hope she enjoyed them on the plane.

Karyn finished packing, and we headed to the Upper West Side, where another intern that Karyn worked with lives. He'd offered to give Karyn a ride to the airport, along with a friend of his who had been visiting. First, we all went out for linner, ending up at a place called Radio Perfecto. I was surprised and delighted to hear Jann Arden on the radio there! And, it wasn't even "Insensitive" (it was "Wonderdrug"). On the way back, we passed the restaurant from Seinfeld...well, the one whose exterrior they used for the establishing shot, anyway.

During the day, I wore a T-shirt that Sam gave me for my last birthday, which says, "I may not be perfect, but parts of me are pretty awesome." It's remarkable: I've worn it many times in Toronto, and no one that I don't know ever commented on it. In Vancouver (when I visited in June), one overly flirty barrista at Starbucks said something. Yesterday, I got around 10 comments, from everyone: retail workers, a police officer, and random people in the streets, including a panhandler. So, it's more than a gloriously fun article of clothing, it's a great way to take the pulse of a city!

In the evening, I thought I'd pay a visit to Stonewall. It's historical, right? Oh, and they had some kind of competition going on called "Porn Idol," which sounded quite promising. Sadly, there was a crowd of about 8 people, which is far too small to watch Porn Idol without great embarrassment resulting. So, I found another place nearby, called Pierre's, with some pretty fabulous karaoke going on. I didn't sing, but I got hit on by a few cute boys, though mostly by Blanche, the drag queen hosting the event.


Kevin said...

I went to Woody's on Tuesday night, and the DJ played Jann's "Rock this Girl." I was so impressed, even if this is Canada. In general he was playing awesome music all night, and I meant to go over and compliment him on it, but I forgot.

Dave said...

Too cool! I love "Rock this Girl." It rocks this boy! Here's a verse for those who anyone who doesn't know it:

Hey, lover shut your mouth
They're gonna hear you scream and shout
Don't forget your momma's upstairs
Hey, lover close your eyes
Baby, let me rock-a-bye
Gonna take you where she won't dare

Yep, it's a song about kids having sex! Scandalous!

Do you know who the DJ was? The Woody's site says DJ Robb spins on Tuesdays.

Kevin said...

Hmm, I just read the complete lyrics, and I don't really see the whole "kids having sex" thing. Maybe I'm just obtuse.

No idea about the DJ. Perhaps if I'd actually talked to him I'd know. But, the description on the site seems to match what he was playing I guess.

Dave said...


I dunno, that's what it says to me. The verse that I quoted evokes something sneaky going on in the basement of the family house. When I said "kids", I didn't mean 8 year olds or anything.