Sunday, August 14, 2005

It Takes a Crane

Today, I was having breakfast with Leah, and we started talking about the buildings around us. She said something about cranes, and I took the opportunity to quote, "Life is Wonderful", from Jason Mraz's new album: "It takes a crane to build a crane," I said.

This kicked off a fun conversation...

Leah (sarcastically): That's profound.

Dave: No, it's not. It might seem profound to you, but that's because you're just a student. If you were in industry...

Leah: Well, I'm thinking about it philosophically, since I *am* going to be a Doctor of Philosophy.

Dave: If you were in industry, you'd see that's lacking a way to realize any revenue.

Leah: We could leverage our crane assets.

Dave: If we could develop a crane ecosystem...

Then we started imagining what a crane ecosystem would look like, with happy crane families frolicking in an idyllic setting.

Okay, that wasn't verbatim, as it happened several hours ago. Leah, if you can remember anything else, please help me out.

If you are scratching your head, or maybe thinking that I'm quite a pompous git, then clearly you weren't there for any of our past conversations about pretentious industry jargon and attitudes. And, in that case, reading this entry was probably a waste of your time.


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